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According to top artificial intelligence authorities, including representatives from Google and IBM, experts are concerned voice assistants such as Siri, are creating a generation with no manners as children learn how to demand answers from computer software.

The concerns grow as Google announces plans to install voice assistants into all smart devices, able to activate requests such as ‘dim the lights,’ or ‘take me to the nearest petrol station,’ the article states.

Experts say;

  • Adding conversational voice commands could be creating a new problem with the younger generation. “A friend of mine posted on Facebook that his kids are starting to yell at them to ‘go do this, go do that,’ because they are learning through assistants that that is ok.. we’ve got to do something about that.”- Google assistant product director Gummi Hafstiensson.
  • The issue could affect the way young computer users treat women because many virtual assistants are programmed with ‘very typical female personas.’ – Kriti Sharma, head of artificial intelligence at British Software company Sage Group.

Source Details: Sorry, it’s Siri’s fault, Herald Sun, Jennifer Dudley

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