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A poll of 2,025 found a shocking 92 per cent of British mums admit they are lonely and our 24 hour social media access is doing them no favours. Dubbed the ‘most isolated generation ever,’ the study indicated;

  • 54% feel more friendless than before they had children.
  • 70% of current mums with dependent children say their generation is the loneliest ever.
  • 55% say the isolation has left them suffering anxiety, while 47% feel ‘very stressed.’
  • 16% have got angry with their children due to unhappiness.
  • 51% percent of mothers feel excluded due to ‘cliquey’ groups at the school gates or toddler groups.
  • Four in ten admit social media makes them feel worse about their situation.
  • 70% of mothers said they wouldn’t approach a wealthy or upper class mum to be a friend.
  • 23% of mothers wont approach mums from other countries while 27% don’t try to befriend mothers from another culture.
  • One in three mums revealed they like seeing ‘parenting fails’ online as it reminds them that there are others struggling too.
  • 80% of mothers want more mum friends.
  • 44% want more community events involving children.

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