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Kids Business has collaborated with all three of the top 3 brands named in the latest YouGov Brand Index. The latest snapshot revealed Kmart, Coles and Target are among the top 10 best perceived brands for women in Australia.

  • The rankings were calculated by measuring impression scores on each brand among female respondents aged 18 and above, for a 12 month period through to January 2017.
  • The impression scores for brands were measured by asking: ‘Do you have a general positive or negative feeling about the brand?’
  • Internet brands also made the top of the list with Google, YouTube and Apple taking out top spots.
  • The BrandIndex covers 260 brands in Australia. The top ten brands were: Google, Kmart, Qantas, Coles, Bunnings, PayPal, YouTube, Target, Toyota and Apple.
  • Example Kmart Kids Business Collaboration here

Source details: Brands most loved by women, Appliance Retailer, Kimberly Martin 

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